Suma (Sweden) sludge / doom metal

Somewhere between Neurosis and YOB’s achievements, there is Suma- a Swedish band which originates from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s hometown- Malmo. Of course regarding their style, we need to add noise, as it’s an inherent element of records made by Rick Palmer’s band. Regarding records- there aren’t too many, as for a band with a long experience. There are only four and their discography comprises a variety of EPs, a demo, concert record so it all gives us a few hours to listen. Suma has visited Portland (in Oregon) a few times in order to cooperate with a legendary producer, Billy Anderson (also Sleep). “The Order Of Things” also made in Portland in 2016, is their last record made there. It sounds monumental, the effect is terrific as well as their gigs. This sludge-stoner-doom band definitely sounds different.