Sólstafir (Iceland) post rock / metal

Solstafir are presently the greatest the ambassadors of grand, post metal music from Island. Solstafir was formed in 1995 in the land of geysers and breathtaking landscapes. Only Aðalbjörn “Addi” Tryggvason, the vocalist and guitarist of the present line-up, remembers its nascency. But it’s not about their personal data. In this case music is important. When it comes to Solstafir, their music is becoming more and more interesting, strongly implying that one form is not their cup of tea. Their first sounds were close to hell and black metal. These guys come from Scandinavia which means that Viking style must be marked in their music, they respect traditions and in the past they would worship Bathory. Presently Solstafir embraces us with immense beauty of sounds, derived from post metal, post rock, progressive rock and even hard rock. “Otta” (2014) and “Berdreyminn” (2018) are really worth listening, they are a proof which way the musicians’ imagination is heading. What’s more, this way is unsparingly interesting.