Primordial (Ireland) celtic folk / black metal

In 1992 Forsaken crew closed their days. Their members: Pól MacAmhlaigh ( bass guitar), Ciarán (Guitar) would play death and thrash metal covers. The men decided to carry on with their music adventure under a new trade sign. Alan Averill “Nemtheanga”, a man gifted with great charisma and intelligence, the admirer of Bathory and Venom responded to the advert regarding a new vocalist. This is how Primordial was born. Alan guided the band towards his idols and such a combination of fascination of folk and black metal brought a great whole to life. Primordial has been fascinating with its very own hybrid, for example on albums:”Imrama” (1995), “A Journey’s End” (1998), or “To the Nameless Dead” (2007). “Exile Amongst the Ruins”, recorded in 2018, is a proof that after 25 years of playing, there is freshness, great passion and marvelous ideas for new compositions.