Popiół (Poland) folk / black metal

Popiół – another name on Polish black metal map, co-created by present and former musicians from iconic Thy Worshiper. It’s a name of the band, but also the title of their debut record from 1997. It’s not been chosen randomly, because the musician claim that the compositions on the first record by Popiół are “Zabobony” (premier volume by Godz Ov War 27thFeb 2019). Their climate and the spirit should have gone back to the times of second Thy Worshiper’s record. Popiół includes:MAG (guitar, vocals), Kubov (bass, vocals), Bard (guitar) and Michał “DQ” Kowal (drums) known from Blaze Of Perdition. In eight compositions they tell stories in which nature, dreams and spirituality play the foreground role.