Mgła (Poland) black metal

Solstafi are described as admirable followers of Icelandic metal. Poland has such stars, too. We take pride in such bands as Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated. Cracovian Mgła has been exalting itself internationally on grand black metal scene. Band founded in 2000 has become successful thanks to their own conditions, no compromises. M (guitars, vocals) treated Mgła as a studio project. In the second decade of XXI century, it turned into a complete band, which after releasing EP “Groza” performed from time to time. Their black metal is awesome. Somehow it does not surprise, but it enraptures and possesses some hellish, magical factors. It asserts itself, without any pushy promotions and simpering in the media. From the very album “With Hearts Towards None” M, Darkside and the remaining members have reached to a lot of fans all over the world- owing to their gigs performed at prestigious metal festivals. Their recent gigs promote the newest, magnificent record from 2015, called “Exercises In Futility”.