Doombringer (Poland) death / black metal

More than 10 years ago musicians from Bestial Raids and Cultes des Ghoules decided to make some noise in death-black style. A monster, with a meaningful name, called Doombringer was formed. This very monster doesn’t belong to the most active or hard-working ones, but when it is ready to show its gourd, the massacre is coming. Sick climate, a real embodiment of evil, wildness, possession. This is Doombringer. They present themselves on the album “The Grand Sabbath”(2014), although the previous albums have a lot of interesting stuff to offer. “It’s an album influenced by old Morbid Angel, Asphyx, Necrovore, also inspired by European black metal, this one from the period before tsunami unleashed due to the second phase of black metal, heading with Mortuary Drape and Necromantia”. They received such a review by “Musick Magazine”. Amen to that!