Arrm (Poland) drone

ARRM quartet is one of music embodiments owed to a talented, musically hyper-active artist, Artur Rumiński (known fromThaw, Furia). The band’s been active since 2010, although they’ve gone through some lethargy moments. They finally woke up in 2016. Apart from Artur, other members of the bans are Rafał Miciński(bass), Maciej Śmigrodzki (keyboard) and Michał Leks (drums). ARRM perfectly combines ambient and drone, which they presented at renowned Brutal Assault. They have instantly recorded their material for Instant Classic with the assistance of Haldor Grunberg in one weekend. It’s been known for centuries that a real metalhead is a romantic, in flesh and blood. Music made by Ruminski and his companions will make one breathe a sigh of relief.