Popiół – Zabobony, official premiere.

Popiół – a return of musicians from Thy Worshiper in the climate of Godz Ov War.

The name of the project refers to Thy Worshiper’s debut album which was released by this band from Wrocław in 1996.” The time for everything
will eventually come. It is said that there’s no way to turn back time, we decided to carry on with the story we started 20 years ago. In spite of the fact that Thy Worshiper treads their own way, Popiół has added a new chapter to the story commenced a long time ago. The Piece “Wybiło” was supposed to start the album from 1998. The time stopped. But today we want to make the clock work again to awaken the dark”. Today is the official premiere day of the debut- Popiół- Zabobony was released due to the courtesy of Godz ov War Productions.

A sample of the new material:

Krypts - Cadaver Circulation