About Festival

In 2015 a few concert organizers, who at the same time are maniacs of extreme music in the broad sense, dreamed of holding their own cultish club festival. Gigs are cool, but a festival is a challenge and chance to present cross-sectional news in music. This very group asked themselves the most important question: what is this event going to be like. Having analyzed it deeper- what do we really expect from music? I guess everyone has asked oneself this question? Have we found the answer? Even if we have, it didn’t come that easily. As the process of heading or whipping ourselves with PISSGRAVE sounds or immersing in melancholic Solstafir’s creativity is long and not necessarily efficient. Is it needed?

The answer is : NO.

It is enough when we enjoy music, we absorb it and simply wait for shivers all over our skin when music is played! But the situation changes when the listeners turn into organizers. Then understanding the climate and the message which comes from bands’ work becomes indispensable to turn it into an interesting offer for other listeners. What was supposed to become the common denominator for this festival? The Abyss turned out to be this very thing. Limitless and eternal, without a specific definition. Abyss music is limitless and mysterious- exactly the same as bands performing at Into the Abyss. Apart from music, a film by Werner Herzog inspired the organizers. A film, with the same name. is about death penalty, but moreover about life and death. This German film director delved in the abyss of human soul, exactly the same the bands (our bands) do for us.  Artists willing to go on such journey are most welcomed at the following editions of Into the Abyss festival.